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First Signs Of Perimenopause

As women, reaching certain age markers can really make you think about your health and your future. For a lot of women, this happens during the late 30s or early 40s. You begin to notice that your body doesn’t work like it used to and this gets you worried.

Maybe you get tired more easily. Or perhaps you notice that you need to work harder to maintain a certain weight. You begin to feel pains and aches that are new to you. And you begin to wonder if your body will ever feel right again.

With more and more information coming out about perimenopause, women are becoming better informed of this special stage in a woman’s life. But pinpointing when exactly it starts is tricky. This is because the first signs of perimenopause are often so commonplace and ordinary, we hardly give a thought to them.

And yet it is important to identify these symptoms and recognize them early. The better informed we are about the state of our bodies, the more prepared we will be to deal with them. When we know what’s happening to our body, we’ll know how to properly and effectively address the situation and alleviate the discomforts.

Here are some of the first signs of perimenopause you can watch out for:

This is one of the most common first signs of perimenopause. It is particularly telling if you’ve always had your periods come in regularly. Aside from messing up your schedule, perimenopause can also affect the heaviness of your period. If you’ve suddenly notice that you are skipping your periods more often, or that it’s heavier or lighter than what you are used to, it’s a good sign that you are in perimenopause.

The imbalance in the hormones in our bodies lead to a lot of physical changes in how our body functions. One such function that is affected is our metabolism. Do you feel bloated these days? Do you find it much easier to put on weight, and much harder to shed the pounds? It’s one of the first signs of perimenopause.

This symptom is common among women in perimenopause. This is because together with the low levels of estrogen that our body products, we are also producing less testosterone. This hormone is responsible for a healthy libido and sexual functioning. This is in addition to issues we may have about how our body is changing, and our sexual attractiveness, which will definitely affect your interest in sex.

  • Mood swings and depression

The early signs of perimenopause are not just the physical signs. Changes in hormone levels also affect our mood and our state of mind. Mood swings and depression are two of the most common signs of perimenopause. Do you feel much more emotional, more sensitive lately? Do you find yourself extremely happy one moment, and then suddenly down and depressed just as easily? These could be early signs of perimenopause.

What makes a clear diagnosis difficult, especially at the early stages, is that these symptoms may also point to other underlying medical conditions. It’s best to get the professional opinion of a medical doctor to verify that what you have is perimenopause and not something else.

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Perimenopause Answers

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