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p>The initial problem with perimenopause is that most of its symptoms can be attributed to other factors, and it is only when there are several blaring symptoms do they have an inkling that they might be perimenopausal. Of course some symptoms are more obvious than others, such as hot flashes or night sweats, but others can be quite subtle.

Because of the lack of conclusiveness of some symptoms, women are often left confused about what is really going on with their body. If you too are confused or are unsure about what these different changes may mean, take this perimenopause quiz and see how what results you come up with!

This perimenopause quiz is designed to help you figure out what your symptoms mean, and if you are truly perimenipausal. Every time your answer to a question is “yes”, click the “yes” link, to read an explanation about that particular symptom. If you end the perimenopause quiz with eight or more “yes” links clicked, then you are very likely to have perimenopause, and should consult your doctor.


Quiz Question 1: Have you had irregularities in your period? (ex. you skipped a period or your cycle shortened)

Quiz Question 2: Are you between your mid-thirties and early fifties?

Quiz Question 3: Do you have high FSH levels in your urine?

Quiz Question 4: Have you been having problems with your memory?

Quiz Question 5: Have you been getting headaches before, during or after menstrual cycles?

Quiz Question 6: Are you bleeding "abonormally"?

Quiz Question 7: Does it seem like you're losing your hair?

Quiz Question 8: Do your moods change quickly?

Quiz Question 9: Are you having weight control problems?

Quiz Question 10: Have you seemingly lost your sexual urges?

Quiz Question 11: Have you had unexplained episodes of dizziness?

Quiz Question 12: Have you been unhappy often in the last few months?

Quiz Question 13: Do you have strange bouts of tiredness?

Quiz Question 14: Are you having problems sleeping at night? (ex. takes you a while to get to sleep or you are easily awoken and can no longer go back to sleep)

Quiz Question 15: Have you been sweating at night or feeling unusually warm?

Quiz Question 16: Have you been experiencing sudden waves of heat during the day?

Quiz Question 17: Has your heartbeat been erratic at times?

Quiz Question 18: Have you had strange bouts of unexplained nausea? Or morning sickness, but negative pregnancy test results?

Quiz Question 19: Do you have inexplicable feelings of worry?

Quiz Question 20: Has your body been retaining water lately?

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Perimenopause Answers

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